She’s Been The Love!

I miss you
She’s been away,
while I’m left on the way.
She’s been far,
just like the shining star.
She’s been all,
when I’ve nothing at all.
She’s been the light,
in the lonely scary night.
She’s been the hope,
while I’ve no way to cope.
She’s been the wish,
like the Gods grace n bliss.
She’s been the only,
When I’m all lonely.
She’s been my ever,
For who I can wait forever.
P.S.: I’m missing you so terribly that I can’t find life any more in me.. I wont let it end this way.

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Once, on a day,

through the life’s way.

You meet one, strangeR,

and they become your life changer.

Doing every possible thing,

to get attached by the string.

Either its running miles,

or even by faking smiles.

StrangeRs become friends,

over & over like trends.

Sharing every laugh,

even the fears & tears, in half.

So one day, you feel,

being more than friends.

So some way, you steal..

heart, being more than trends.

You’ll never realize,

the miracles you did.

To make them ever realize,

just happy, all you did.

Hugging, Kissing, cuddling,

time keeps flying away.

Later its puddling or muddling,

life keeps changing away.

Once, on a day,

it becomes a blame game.

somehow or someway,

relationship becomes a lame name.

Taking each other for granted,

or with time you’re changing.

feelings aren’t strong as planted,

because someone stopped trying.

Over & over once on a day,

tolerance is now enough.

It just happens this way,

its impossible & is now tough.

Someone who you liked the most,

is someone now, hated the most.

you move on with a life changer,

again just like being the strangeR.

Left with memories,

with some faded times.

Love notes & gestures,

& voices like some faded chimes.

Desperation becomes separation.

Importance becomes ignorance.

Try hard, keep them away from their pain,

before you become strangeRs again.

Once, every day,

remember how you started.

Try your best every way,

Just the way, how you started.

P.S.: Always put the same effort in your relationship which you put in the beginning else you will start being strangers and will even end being strangers.

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P.S.: This is my first attempt of writing such a big poem so excuse… But do let me know what you liked or disliked about it.

StrangeRs Again!

My Idea of Relationship!

My Type of Relationship:
He works,
She works,
They split the bills,
His hobbies are video games
Her hobbies are music and facebook.
He leaves her alone to her hobbies,
She leaves him alone to his hobbies.
Sometimes they enjoy each other hobbies.
At night time they watch illegally downloaded movies together
or stream on facebook.
She makes him a sandwich,
He gives her a back rub.
They joke about how the people they know are stupid.
He tells her about how annoying her friends are,
she tells him how annoying his friends are.
They laugh together,
they have amazing time together.
Days are spent..
surfing the web together,
Playing the games together,
or occasionally going outside for walks,
coffee or making fun of strangers,
Go eat & eat together at restaurants.
Bowling and mini golfing,
Going to the movies,
She surprises him with a passionate kiss in the morning
and he returns the favor followed by cooking breakfast.
He surprises her by letting her play video game with him,
and she responds by whooping his ass at it.
They respect each other or get jealous.
They trust each other.
Have cute arguments..
like whose turn it is to do the dishes,
or whose turn to pay when going out.
They’re a team,
A club.
A two person gang that nobody is allowed to join.
Its them versus everyone else.