She’s Been The Love!

I miss you
She’s been away,
while I’m left on the way.
She’s been far,
just like the shining star.
She’s been all,
when I’ve nothing at all.
She’s been the light,
in the lonely scary night.
She’s been the hope,
while I’ve no way to cope.
She’s been the wish,
like the Gods grace n bliss.
She’s been the only,
When I’m all lonely.
She’s been my ever,
For who I can wait forever.
P.S.: I’m missing you so terribly that I can’t find life any more in me.. I wont let it end this way.

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One step Closer!

She sits there all alone, amidst the crowd, confused and frustrated. She doesn’tUntitled1 know where her next step will take her life. Everything that made sense seems so stupid now. Everything has gone for a toss. Every decision that seemed right to her seems to be wrong now. She sits there questioning her past. She is burnt and hence scared to make more decisions. Unable to decide whether she should stay or leave, she sits there recollecting every memory; his words and the fresh pain that never left her heart. She is afraid to fall again because she knows that there is no one to catch her now.

A lost soul is trying to figure out whether it was love or lust? She sits there deepCrying beautiful woman in her thought trying to find him. Love seems to have disappeared. All smiles outside she is crying inside, waiting to see the smile that took her breathe away.

She wants to bid farewell, say the last goodbyes and bring this pain to an end. But something tells her, “Now is not the time to leave him.” She wants to take away those memories and pain from him; to make him happy forever. His memories are more dear to her than him. This friendship is going to cost her all the patience. She has long lost her dreams of true love.

She embraces the loneliness inside her and just disappears in the crowd. Although she is in love; she wont admit it to him. She can not hurt him or loose him. She is compelled to smile because his memories are the only thing that will stay when this chapter comes to an end. He is the medicine, be calm, the peace, the pain and the life for her.

Making decisions never used to be so hard before. But when fear resides, the person becomes handicapped. Every move anticipated earlier looks like a threat now. It is a move that will cost her life & love.

Her heart beats faster, a life full of colors has turned black & white. Every alone-girl-waiting-someone-sad-broken-heart-treepromise is broken, she isn’t brave anymore. She is afraid of love and doubts everything that was once upon a time crystal clear. She dies everyday  waiting for him. Every single step that she takes to get closer to him; he takes ten steps backwards. But even today she believes that one day her true love will find a way back to her. But it looks like thousand years have already passed and he has lost his way, but she is ready to wait for thousand more years because she believes he will find her one day and then all this waiting, pain & sorrow will make perfect sense. She believes true love is worth waiting!

The giggles, the smiles, a no worry time, fast heartbeats, sparks that gave her tumblr_ml3c51vra71s7r7sno1_500butterflies; she wants that back. An eternity is waiting for him….,

“He needs to take one step closer; and she will take the rest 99…”




P.S.: December 24th, ‘Him’ came and swept ‘Her” off to a tiny corner of the world, where they still live happily ever after, know as ‘Him & Her’.

Lonely Night!

Look Around,
Day is passing by..
Night is taking over..
I see the dark around
I am feeling lonely
a little scared.
Oh! Where are you my friend,
hurry up.. come near
come close & hold my hand
I don’t want to be left alone.
Everything is disappearing again
This darkness is eating up
I wonder, if
I will disappear too.
But, please hold my hand
I may not see you
But make me feel
You are there
ever and forever
standing by me!!
There is no one
to hear my silence
to see me
to know me
Its all I’m going through now
I am waiting my friend
come and hold me again
 I want to be seen by you
I want to be felt by you
Save me from this monster dark
Oh!! my Friend
Help Me
I might not be there ever
calling you.
I am afraid
This night will kill me
Ease me.
 Oh! my Friend!!

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